American Staffordshire Terrier


This stocky dog ought to be muscular, providing the impression not only of fantastic power for its size but also of elegance and endurance. Its gait is elastic. Its low centre of gravity makes it remain on its toes in a struggle, and also its nimbleness helped it prevent its competitor’s teeth. Its own limbs are powerful with fantastic power. Its coat is short, close and glossy.

Typically docile and playful with its loved ones, the American Staffordshire terrier can be normally friendly toward strangers provided that its owners are found. It’s usually quite good with kids. It’s a protective strain and may be aggressive toward other dogs — particularly the ones that question it. It’s stubborn, stubborn and fearless. For all of its challenging character, the most significant thing in life for this strain is its proprietor caring focus.

FAMILY terrier, mastiff (bull)
AREA OF ORIGIN United States
ORIGINAL FUNCTION bullbaiting, dog fighting
AVERAGE SIZE OF MALE Height: 18-19 Weight: 57-67
AVERAGE SIZE OF FEMALE Height: 17-18 Weight: 57-67
The Staff requires a daily outlet for its vitality, rather in the kind of a lengthy walk on leash or a boxing match in the lawn. Even though it may live outside in temperate climates, this strain is much better suited temperamentally to sharing its own family’s house. Coat care is minimal. As among those breeds popularly regarded as a “pit bull,” public approval may at times be low.
  • Energy levelMedium energy
  • Exercise needsMedium
  • PlayfullnessModerately playful
  • Affection levelModerately affectionate
  • Friendliness toward other dogsShy
  • Friendliness toward other petsShy
  • Friendliness toward strangersFriendly
  • Ease of trainingEasy to train
  • Watchdog abilityHigh
  • Protection abilityVery protective
  • Grooming needsLow maintenance
  • Cold toleranceMedium tolerance
  • Heat toleranceMedium tolerance
• Major concerns: CHD
• Minor concerns: none
• Occasionally seen: PDA
• Suggested tests: OFA, (cardiac)
• Life span: 12 – 14 years
• Note: The high pain threshold may mask problems
The American Staffordshire terrier and the Staffordshire bull terrier descended in the very same lines. The model initially sprang out of crossing the older kind of bulldog with a few older terrier forms, likely the English sooth terrier. The end result was aptly referred to as the “bull and terrier,” later to be dubbed the Staffordshire bull terrier. The puppies gained popularity among fanciers of dog fighting, a favorite game despite its having been declared prohibited. Their fighting capability gained them passing to America from the late 1800s, in which they ruled that the combating “pits.” They became famous as the pit bull terrier, American bull terrier as well as Yankee terrier. Americans preferred a slightly larger dog compared to the English favored, and with time the 2 strains diverged. Back in 1936, the AKC recognized the breed since the Staffordshire terrier (the title has been changed in 1972 to Western Staffordshire terrier). Docility and tractability have always been critical traits in a strong dog that has to be managed even in the middle of a dog fight; thus, that the Am Staff developed to get a pleasant and dependable disposition around individuals. Sadly, this game puppy has too frequently appealed to individuals searching for it to get its fighting instead of its adoring abilities. Often in the middle of controversy, starting in the 1980s, it occasionally found itself the goal of breed-specific legislation geared toward controlling or banning specific kinds of dogs. Nevertheless, the Am Staff is currently enjoying one of the most Well-known phases among individuals wanting a individuals- along with fun-loving dog


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