Belgian Sheepdog


The Belgian sheepdog is a tasteful, square-proportioned puppy that’s attentive and nimble with proud carriage. Its bone is pretty hefty. As a puppy anticipated to herd for extended hours, its gait is smooth, tireless and simple instead of forcing. It’s a propensity to move into a circle as opposed to a straight line. It’s a very dense undercoat together with an outer coating of abundant guard hairs which are lengthy, well-fitting and directly. Its expression is smart and questioning; its own black coloration is striking.

Ever watchful and about the movement, the Belgian sheepdog slides in huge circles. It’s lively, attentive, attentive and protective — a tough, independent and extreme dog. It’s aloof with strangers and may be aggressive toward other animals and dogs. Some could be domineering. It’s smart and biddable, however separate. It’s protective of its home and loved ones.

FAMILY livestock, herding
TODAY’S FUNCTION herding trials, schutzhund
AVERAGE SIZE OF MALE Height: 24-26 Weight: 55-75
AVERAGE SIZE OF FEMALE Height: 22-24 Weight: 40-60
OTHER NAME Groenendael, chien de berger Belge
The Belgian sheepdog desires a whole lot of exercise, possibly a fantastic long run or a lengthy, strenuous play session. It requires space to maneuver during the daytime and does best using your lawn. Even though it can live outside in temperate to cool climates, it’s family-oriented and more joyful if it could share time at the home with its loved ones. Its double coat requires cleaning and cleaning twice per week, more when shedding.
  • Energy levelHigh energy
  • Exercise needsHigh
  • PlayfullnessVery playful
  • Affection levelSomewhat affectionate
  • Friendliness toward other dogsFriendly
  • Friendliness toward other petsFriendly
  • Friendliness toward strangersShy
  • Ease of trainingHard to train
  • Watchdog abilityHigh
  • Protection abilityVery protective
  • Grooming needsModerate maintenance
  • Cold toleranceMedium tolerance
  • Heat toleranceMedium tolerance
 Major concerns: none
• Minor concerns: epilepsy, skin allergies
• Occasionally seen: CHD
• Suggested tests: none
• Life span: 10 – 12 years
The Belgian sheepdog, Belgian Tervuren and Belgian Malinois started as three local variants of a single breed, that was called the Belgian shepherd or Continental shepherd. The puppy which has been heir to the title Belgian sheepdog was initially referred to as the Groenendael variant of this strain. Like most of the Belgian shepherds, it was a working farm puppy anticipated to both herd and shield. It differed from the others since it had a fairly long, black coat. Back in 1910 these dogs had been officially dubbed Groenendael following the kennel which had selectively bred the black puppies since 1893 (only after the Belgian shepherds were known as a strain). By this time, the strain had obtained some repute as a police dog and has been already utilized in this capability in the usa. In World War I, they chose to glow like sentry dogs, messengers as well as draft puppies. It was here that they grabbed the interest of the people, and they shortly enjoyed a good amount of popularity following the war. Back in 1959, the 3 Belgian shepherd strains were broken up into separate strains, together with the Groenendael then called the Belgian sheepdog. With its shimmering dark coating, it’s by far the most striking of those Belgian breeds, and also that fact, together with its versatile skills, has won it many loyal supporters.


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