English Cocker Spaniel


The English cocker needs to have the ability to find, flush and retrieve upland game birds for a complete day of searching. It has to be small enough to penetrate dense cover, but of adequate dimensions to regain bigger game. The extensive muzzle helps when regaining. The puppy is a bit taller than long, compactly constructed and short combined. This breed likes to search and reveals it from the wagging of its tail once at work. The English cocker includes a compelling, powerful gait that insures earth effortlessly. The coat is of moderate length, silky in texture and either horizontal or slightly wavy. The feathering shouldn’t be so profuse that it will become a deterrent in the area, but it ought to be long enough to protect the bottom of their dog. The term is soft and melting, yet dignified.

The English cocker spaniel keeps more of its own searching character than does the American edition, and in addition, it requires a bit more exercise. It’s cheerful, curious, demonstrative, dedicated, biddable, sensitive and loyal. This is a social dog who likes to remain near its human family.

FAMILY gundog, spaniel
ORIGINAL FUNCTION bird flushing and retrieving
TODAY’S FUNCTION bird flushing and retrieving, spaniel field trials
AVERAGE SIZE OF MALE Height: 16-17 Weight: 28-34
AVERAGE SIZE OF FEMALE Height: 15-16 Weight: 26-32
OTHER NAME cocker spaniel
Daily exercise is a must, possibly in the kind of a lengthy walk on leash, a great run in the specialty or a playful game in the lawn. Even though the English cocker could physically reside outdoors in temperate to warm climate, it’s this kind of social dog that it does finest residing indoors and playing outdoors. The medium-length coat requires brushing two to three times each week, and clipping around the ears and head scissoring round the foot and tail each 2 months. Your ears should be washed weekly.
  • Energy levelMedium energy
  • Exercise needsMedium
  • PlayfullnessVery playful
  • Affection levelVery affectionate
  • Friendliness toward other dogsVery friendly
  • Friendliness toward other petsVery friendly
  • Friendliness toward strangersVery friendly
  • Ease of trainingHard to train
  • Watchdog abilityHigh
  • Protection abilityNot very protective
  • Grooming needsModerate maintenance
  • Cold toleranceMedium tolerance
  • Heat toleranceMedium tolerance
• Major concerns: PRA
• Minor concerns: cataracts, CHD, familial nephropathy
• Occasionally seen: glaucoma, cardiomyopathy
• Suggested tests: hearing (for particolors), eye, hip, (knee)
• Life span: 12 – 14 years
• Note: deafness is a major concern in particolors; CHD is more common in solid colors; PRA is of PRCD type
The spaniel household is among the biggest collections of puppies, and among the most technical. The English cocker spaniel is just one of those land spaniels. The property spaniels consisted of bigger spaniels which were better for springing match, and more compact spaniels which were better for hunting woodcock. These various sizes seemed at exactly the very same litters and were basically two variants of the exact same breed. Just in 1892 were the 2 sizes considered different strains, together with the smaller size (under 25 lbs) designated as the cocker spaniel. Actually, since both strains shared the exact same gene pool, they nevertheless share lots of the identical hunting abilities. In 1901, the weight limitation was abolished. Cocker spaniels became extremely common in England, but American breeders tried to modify the breed in a way that conventional English cocker spaniel fans flocked to. English and American cocker spaniels were revealed together until 1936, when the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America was formed along with also the English cocker received standing as a distinct selection. The English Cocker Spaniel Club defeated the interbreeding of their English and American cockers, and in 1946 that the English cocker was designated a distinct strain. Following the breeds were split, the American cocker eclipsed the English in fame — but just in the usa. During the remainder of the planet, that the English cocker is undoubtedly the more popular of both strains and is known only as the cocker spaniel.


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