Miniature Schnauzer


The miniature schnauzer is a strong, sturdily constructed terrier of almost square percent. It was created as a ratter and can be fast and tough. Its gait displays great reach and drive. Its coat is double sided, with a snug undercoat, and tough, outer, outer coating that’s longer about the legs, muzzle and eyebrows. Its facial furnishings include to its keen expression.

The mini schnauzer deserves its place among the hottest terrier pets. It’s lively, curious, alert, spunky and companionable. It’s a well-mannered home dog which also appreciates being in the center of actions. It is not as domineering than the bigger schnauzers and not as dog-aggressive than most terriers. It’s also better with different creatures than many terriers, though it’s going to happily give chase. It’s smart and might be stubborn, however it’s usually biddable. It loves kids. Some might bark a lot.

FAMILY terrier
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AVERAGE SIZE OF MALE Height: 12-14 Weight: 13-15
AVERAGE SIZE OF FEMALE Height: 12-14 Weight: 13-15
OTHER NAME zwergschnauzer
This vibrant strain may have its exercise needs fulfilled with a mild walk on leash or a fantastic match in the lawn. Though it could physically survive living outdoors in warm to temperate climates, it emotionally must share its life with its family within the house. Its cable coat needs combing once or twice per week, also scissoring and forming (clipping for planting and pets for show puppies) every month or two.
  • Energy levelMedium energy
  • Exercise needsMedium
  • PlayfullnessVery playful
  • Affection levelVery affectionate
  • Friendliness toward other dogsFriendly
  • Friendliness toward other petsFriendly
  • Friendliness toward strangersFriendly
  • Ease of trainingModerately easy to train
  • Watchdog abilityHigh
  • Protection abilityNot very protective
  • Grooming needsModerate maintenance
  • Cold toleranceMedium tolerance
  • Heat toleranceMedium tolerance
• Major concerns: urolithiasis, PRA
• Minor concerns: follicular dermatitis, esophageal achalasia, vWD
• Occasionally seen: pulmonic stenosis, Legg-Perthes, cataract
• Suggested tests: eye, DNA test for vWD, (cardiac)
• Life span: 12 – 14 years
The tiniest and hottest of this schnauzers, the mini schnauzer was designed from the late 1800s as a little farm dog and ratter at Germany. In reality, the mini schnauzer is the sole terrier not originating from European isle stock. It was originated from crossing the normal schnauzer using all the affenpinscher (and maybe poodle). Each of the schnauzers obtain their name out of one individual dog called Schnauzer, who had been exhibited about 1879 — an apt name, because schnauzer means “small beard.” The mini schnauzer was shown as a breed different from the normal schnauzer from 1899 in Germany, though it was not until 1933 that the AKC split the miniature and standard to different breeds. The mini is the sole schnauzer to stay in the terrier group in the united states. In England it unites another schnauzers from the utility category. The mini schnauzer arrived to America long after its giant and standard counterparts, but in recent years following World War II, it far outpaced them in fame, eventually rising to become the third-most popular breed in the usa at once. It stays as a perennial favourite, a smart-looking and alert-acting household pet and competitive show dog.


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