Smooth Fox Terrier

The smooth fox terrier is square-proportioned, standing above a great deal of ground but with a brief back. Its conformation combines endurance, speed and power, allowing it to gallop and remain with the horses and hounds throughout the search and to stick to a fox up a slow passage. The gait whilst trotting gets the majority of its propulsion in the back quarters. The saying, such as the mindset, is eager; the carriage is both expectant and alert. The jacket is flat, hard and compact, plus a brief, nice undercoat.

Energetic, curious, bold, feisty, playful, mischievous, daring and independent explain the fox terrier. This strain resides to run, chase and research. It’s typically rather reserved with strangers. It is inclined to dig and bark.

FAMILY terrier
ORIGINAL FUNCTION vermin hunting, fox bolting
TODAY’S FUNCTION earthdog trials
AVERAGE SIZE OF MALE Height: <15.5 Weight: 17-19
AVERAGE SIZE OF FEMALE Height: <15.5 Weight: 15-17
The smooth fox terrier is lively and can’t be ignored. As an energetic puppy, it’ll do much to work out itself given the space. It loves a vigorous walk or game, in addition to an off-lead outing in a secure location. Despite the fact that this breed can live outside in a warm climate, it will better living at the home and playing in the lawn. Smooth coat maintenance is made of weekly cleanup to remove shedding hair. In reality, the smooths drop over the wires. A few training of their ears could be necessary as dogs for appropriate adult shape to grow.
  • Energy levelHigh energy
  • Exercise needsMedium
  • PlayfullnessVery playful
  • Affection levelVery affectionate
  • Friendliness toward other dogsFriendly
  • Friendliness toward other petsShy
  • Friendliness toward strangersVery friendly
  • Ease of trainingHard to train
  • Watchdog abilityHigh
  • Protection abilityNot very protective
  • Grooming needsLow maintenance
  • Cold toleranceMedium tolerance
  • Heat toleranceMedium tolerance
• Major concerns: none
• Minor concerns: lens luxation, distichiasis, cataract, Legg-Perthes, shoulder dislocation
• Occasionally seen: deafness, patellar luxation
• Suggested tests: eye
• Life span: 10 – 13 years
The smooth fox terrier’s ancestors aren’t recorded, but the strain was clearly understood by 1800 and has been already popular until the advent of dog shows. It accompanied foxhound packs and dislodged foxes which had taken pay. Predominantly white dogs have been favored since they are more readily distinguished in the quarry in dim light. Some speculation is that the cable and smooth fox terriers originated from different backgrounds, together with the smooth gliding from the smooth-coated tan and black, the bull terrier as well as the greyhound and beagle. The smooth fox terriers were one of the first strains to join the show ring, categorized initially with all the sporting breeds. Both types were interbred widely at the same time, however, the clinic slowly diminished. Since the 2 strains had long since ceased to be spanned from the latter portion of the 1900s, the AKC split them into different strains in 1985.
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