The Weimaraner is constructed to hunt with fantastic endurance and speed and combines elegance, endurance, raciness and a awake demeanor. It’s find aristocratic features, using a sort expression. The gait is smooth and simple. The short sleek coat is known for its unique grey colour.

The Weimaraner is daring and rambunctious, occasionally too much so for smaller children. It loves to run and search and may become frustrated and damaging when kept booted up. It may be stubborn or headstrong. It works best with an active owner who likes outside pursuits and needs a fun-loving company.

FAMILY gundog, pointer, versatile hunting dog
ORIGINAL FUNCTION large game trailing
TODAY’S FUNCTION pointing, pointing field trials
AVERAGE SIZE OF MALE Height: 25-27 Weight: 55-90
AVERAGE SIZE OF FEMALE Height: 23-25 Weight: 55-90
OTHER NAME Weimaraner vorstehhund
Daily strenuous effort is essential for your Weimaraner. This isn’t a breed for town life unless its owner is a jogger. It ought to extend its legs, run and research in a big, secure location. It requires a lawn in your home, and even though it can live outside in warm climates, it isn’t suited to chilly nights outdoors. As a social pet, it will best when it may split its time between inside and out. Coat care is minimal: occasional brushing to remove dead hair.
  • Energy levelHigh energy
  • Exercise needsLow
  • PlayfullnessVery playful
  • Affection levelVery affectionate
  • Friendliness toward other dogsFriendly
  • Friendliness toward other petsFriendly
  • Friendliness toward strangersShy
  • Ease of trainingHard to train
  • Watchdog abilityHigh
  • Protection abilityNot very protective
  • Grooming needsLow maintenance
  • Cold toleranceLow tolerance
  • Heat toleranceMedium tolerance
• Major concerns: gastric torsion
• Minor concerns: spinal dysraphism, CHD, entropion, distichiasis, vWD, hemophilia A, hypertrophic osteodystrophy
• Occasionally seen: ununited anconeal process, eversion of nictitating membrane
• Suggested tests: (hip), (eye), (blood)
• Life span: 10 – 13 years
Germany has always been a nation full of wildlife, and German puppy breeds have gained the reputation as a number of the finest on earth. The Weimaraner was created from the 19th century with a concerted attempt to make the perfect all-around gun dog which could hunt sport of all dimensions, such as deer and bear. This campaign was sponsored by the courtroom of Weimer, and the strain was originally called the Weimar pointer. A number of these breed’s forebears incorporate the bloodhound, reddish schweisshund and ancient pointing breeds. The source of this Weimaraner’s distinctive grey colour is unknown, however, it had been an ancient characteristic of the breed. The breed’s advancement was rigorously controlled by the German Weimaraner Club. Dogs couldn’t be offered to nonmembers, and membership had been difficult to acquire. Dogs out of nonapproved breedings couldn’t be enrolled, and bad specimens needed to be ruined. Just when an American obtained entrance into the club and has been permitted to take two puppies back into America in 1929 did the Weimaraner depart its native territory. Ancient American Weimaraners performed so tremendously in obedience contests that they sparked great interest. As more fans were drawn to the strain, they found its great value as a hunting companion. AKC fame came in 1943. The breed’s beauty and versatility as private gun dog, pet and contest puppy have made it a constant following.

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